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National Entrepreneurs Day Celebration at Entreprenairess™

We’re Here For It! Check out the Youtube video we’ve got to build our online channel viewer vibration for the National Entrepreneurs Day Celebration today November 16th, 2022! If you’re an Entrepreneur and your like it subscribe to our Entreprenairess™ Channel on Youtube. If you are Woman Entrepreneur elevating your excellence in the economic industry & LOVE us? Register for our Women Entrepreneurs only branded membership sorority!

Check Out Our Video Vibe on Youtube below!

Entreprenairess* Membership Page Of Fame

Elevator Entreprenairess Challenge? Oh yeah, GAMECHANGER ON!

On the 28th of each calendar month, *Entreprenny Airess our avatarielle ambassador, will tally up our most social business active members’ #hashbrag activity using our logo brand amplifying hashtag #EntreprenairessMember on Twitter!

The top 10 winners will be showcased in our EntrePRenairess* Page Of Fame page at, with an official Entreprenairess* press release to the entrepreneur media. The top 100 winners with the most creative posts on Instagram using the hashbrag tags above will receive spotlights on our Entreprenairess* facebook and instagram pages.