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THE IWD2021 MAIN EVENT: #BecomingEntreprenairess at 1:00pm CT

Classified. Capable. Certified. Committed. We Are Making Economic Contributions to Herstory Individually & Together… We Are Becoming…Entreprenairess *Tm.

The Entreprenairess *tm branded, breakout, premium and exclusive womens membership collective at Entreprenairess.com; invites women business owners who tribe-vibe: classified, capable, certified & committed to attend an exhortive, informative & elevating presentation on International Womens Day – today March, 8th, 2021.

The purpose is broadcast the membership’s focus on
elevating & redefining the economic culture and status identity that entrepreneuring women are long overdue. The perceptions of old have marginalized the contributions of women for far too long.

Entreprenairess *tm is determined to re-assort women entrepreneurs’ values by individually connecting their member’s presence in a way that together, Entreprenairess *tm membership evolves the social-economic perception and placement value of women entrepreneurs everywhere; especially where impact counts most.

Together…we are #BecomingEntreprenairessThe Entreprenairess *tm School of Eminence on International Womens Day. Don’t miss this unique online private membership orientation and open house.

See more activity going on via social media as well in our news headlines today click here for the Pressroom

Ribbon Cutting

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What WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR can enrich her business quite like you?

Our exclusive branded membership identifiers elevate your values true!



Enjoy Our Virtual Commemorative Ribbon Cutting at Entreprenairess.com opening now,

February 1st 2021 {02-01-2021} #YayTheDate #BecomingEntreprenairess

Launch Day!

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Can we just say how wonderful it is to have you visit us on our herstory, making our women entrepreneur membership brand: ENTREPRENAIRESS *tm launch day, as it is for us to be here for you! Everyone who registers their membership level will help to make women entrepreneurship herstory together!

*Entreprenny Airess (a unique “Avataress Ambassador”) is set to digitally host the multidimensional premium, and exclusively branded women entrepreneurs’ membership site and experience; that premiering in news headline impressions today, as “Entreprenairess *tm at Entreprenairess.com.”

This will serve as the social media mobilizer kickstarting its  28-day public relations paced, video ribbon-cut rollout at 2:00 pm central (ct) 3;00 pm eastern (et) and 12:00 noon pacific 9pt); sounding off a call to action, which begins with registering success-driven women entrepreneurs as inaugural members within Entreprenaress *tm unique attraction energy grid into the virtual professional and social membership collective.

Women entrepreneurs and business owners young, proven, tenured, and vetted; are called to register their membership-fit presence, and incredible profile herstories into the Entreprenairess *tm membership directory; in a milestone-ish brand move that will begin the transformational equipping for status identity amplification, and value. This activity through Entreprenairess* branded exclusive membership activities in various demonstrations such as impressive digital communications, collaborations, branded coursework, will certify members with capabilities and competent proficiency in the Entreprenairess *tm curriculum; eventually qualifying them for affiliate monetization opportunities as Entreprenairess *tm Ambassadors.

Entreprenairess *tm will drip a steady stream of strategies to continue their membership management work to build and cultivate member ambassadors, affiliates, educators, toward creating a positive disruption and creative transformation of their economic contributions in the business culture, and marketplaces.

The brand’s mission and vision are to see the culture of the success-driven Entreprenairess *tm membership of entrepreneur women, rouse transformational mindset changes that transcend generational, geographical, and gravitational borders, to transform modern public perceptions as to the economic value identifiers that not only validate professional status perceptions more commonly known as “millionaires, and billionaires,” but reclassify, redefine and reward women business owners that are progressively moving the entrepreneurship industry in increasing research-proven numbers ’round the world.

Entreprenairess *tm issues a clear and clarion call to their women entrepreneur prospective members today who are value identified as ideal fits for their premium membership experience…and professional perception acceptance, transformational identity elevation, expansion, and impression.

Individually women entrepreneurs carry economic worthiness all their own, while sharing their profits with charity, make donations and investments of various resources valued like currency into communities, and culture that often goes unrecognized.

In a time like now, Entreprenairess directors state, “We know our societies need support in creating multidimensional societal changes…when some of the most undervalued economic contributors in the marketplace (women entrepreneurs) start growing exponentially, it’s real-time for media culture to do their work of rallying attention, and reporting a new respect traditionally given the millionaire, billionaire and trillionaire magnates.”

Entreprenairess *tm invites the women entrepreneurship class who will register their membership to begin their certification by enrolling as an inaugural member-student in “The Entreprenairess*tm School of Eminence.”

The school provides an opportunity for its member students to earn a new elevated perception and professional acceptance respect check as a mindset stimulus where they’re overdue. This is also creating awareness of overlooked entrepreneur status and valued economic leadership contributions have made life richer for humanity; their very seats at the professional, public perception, and titular, the social class table must be accessible, open, and re-positioned as close to where others highly regarded have been positioned.

So, scoot over “gazillionaires” the gifts of the Entreprenairess *tm women entrepreneur members have made room for them beyond antiquated, perception parameters…they’ve arriving universally: “Classified. Capable. Certified. Committed.